Sunday, January 14, 2018


By: J.D. Robb
Published By: Piaktus
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 395 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

No one likes to be alone during the holidays. For New York's most posh dating service, Personally Yours, it is the season to bring lonely hearts together. But Lieutenant Eve Dallas, on the trail of a ritualistic serial killer, has made a disturbing discovery: all of the victims have been traced to Personally Yours. As the murders continue, Eve enters into an elite world of people searching for their one true love--and a killer searching for his next victim. A world where the power of love leads men and women into the ultimate act of betrayal...


What can I say about the In Death series and make it new each book I review, because there is a formula in place?

I know—Roarke!

Sure he’s in every book, but there was something more in this installment. I had wondered how Nora aka J.D. Robb was going to handle his character over 46 books when I am only seven in, and I think she will do just fine. Roarke just does things that would make any female sigh.

I adore the way he accepts Eve’s dedication-to-the-job and doesn't complain and he loves her possibly more each book. He always makes himself included in most cases in the takedown of the villain. He does it to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. He is there for her, even though he probably shouldn’t be inserting himself into her case—but he’s not going to let the fact he doesn’t hold a badge stop him.

Detective McNab and Peabody are so amusing and I know we are going to get a lot more from these two. His clothing attire appears quite flamboyant, which doesn’t match his personality—I feel. Maybe I’m wrong. He is very witty, but he seems to be rather overdressed for his job. Not that it matters, but it feels kinda off to me when he appears clothed the way he is. Eh, if anything it is a splash of color on the page. :) I know it's the future, but Roarke seems very Christian Grey attired in my head, or maybe I am not paying attention. I think this quirk with McNab bothers me, but it shouldn't.

Eve looked over and saw Ian McNab swagger into the room. He had a big, satisfied grin on his pretty face, a knee-length vest in eye-searing fuchsia over his Christmas-green jumpsuit, and a striped ribbon of both colors binding back his long sweep of glinting gold hair.

I think J.D. Robb showed us a more emotional Eve in this instalment. She does get cranky, she can upset Peabody, but she does it from her heart and how she sees Peabody as more a friend than just a work colleague.

This makes her more real to me.

She isn’t perfect. She has very real female moments, which are all her and not the job. She had an extremely rough childhood, no solid parenting and she’s floundering about a bit in how to be a wife and live in Roarke's social world and be a good friend.

I can read a book where I wonder why the guy even bothers with the female lead, because she isn’t making me believe she-is-the-one with her behaviour. I know the author wants me to be brainwashed with their words, but the connection simply isn’t there, due to the writing.

Roarke is a man who could have anybody on any of the planets he visits. He is a man that keeps showing us why he is so deeply in love with a woman who was broken so young. Eve is beautiful no matter how she walks through the door after a rough day on the streets. She doesn’t need the bells and whistles and he doesn't ask for them, but he will zip her up in a dress he has purchased for her, because she isn't a girlie shopper—far from it.  

This is so damn romantic.

She has access to squillions and spends virtually nothing on herself.

But he knows his wife and he provides.

He gives her what she needs when she doesn’t realise she needs it, purely out of love and devotion and never control. You feel this through the author’s words.

You could strip the murder case from each book and you are still left with substantial pages filled with Eve and her Roarke. 

Until the next book...


Saturday, January 13, 2018


By: Charlaine Harris
Published By: Penguin
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 312 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out....

Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn't such a bright idea.


Folks, I’m a virgin to the Sookie Stackhouse (I keep wanting to say Steakhouse) series and I have never watched True Blood, so I am reviewing without comparison.

I’m not sure how I feel about Sookie and Bill’s coming together at this stage. I will leave that open. I will say it didn’t make a great impact on me in Dead Until Dark.

To be truthful I thought Bill may have needed a little more oomph injected into his character, but I shall hold no judgement until I read more in the series.

Eric’s character, although only a very small part he played in this first book, made me pay attention a little more.

Visually in my head, when I first read his description, I felt he came across in my mind more like a biker looking guy with his jeans, boots and vest. Then I googled True Blood and saw their Eric.

The vampire he indicated was handsome, in fact, radiant; blond and blue-eyed, tall and broad shouldered. He was wearing boots, jeans, and a vest. Period. Kind of like the guys on the cover of romance books. He scared me to death.

I do understand this series has sold a bazillion million copies and I am coming into the series very late in the game. My thoughts are but a drip in the ocean.

I was entertained, and that is all I can ask for, but I would have liked a little more from Sookie and Bill in regards to their relationship (?) and not just the sexual content. I kind of craved more, wanting to connect with them as the reader.

All up, it was a quick read that has me intrigued to know more… especially about Eric.

Friday, December 29, 2017


By: Whitney G.
Published By: Whitney G.
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle purchase, 77 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

She lied to me...
She betrayed the one rule that I'm most adamant about: Honesty. Complete and utter fucking honesty.
I really wish she was someone else—someone who didn't have the ability to make me feel, someone I could easily discard like the hundreds of women before her.
She isn't.
I'm drawn to her like I've never been drawn to a woman before—completely captivated by the very sight of her. But unfortunately, with my past slowly re-surfacing for all of the world to see, I'll have to find a way to let her go.
She can never be mine.


It took me only a couple hours to read volume one and volume two in the Reasonable Doubt series and I have volume three left to read.

Man, such satisfying short reads. Whitney is very clever in her approach. She doesn’t waste words and she gives us Andrew who is a filthy talker, appears a jerk, but she gives us those outer layers initially, so we can watch her peel them back.

Andrew hates liars.

Alyssa has lied to him.

Even though he has his set of rules: One Night… yaddi yaddi ya. He can’t seem to keep his cock away from her.

Sounds like a trope that’s been done before…but…

A 77 page quick second installment in the Reasonable Doubt series, which is as good as the first 88 page installment.

Fast paced, sexy, witty, squirm-worthy and an intelligent read. You can see Whitney did her lawyer homework, if she wasn’t already one herself.

Visually it plays out like a mini tv show in front of your eyes as you read, everything clear on the page with description and great dialogue.

Looking forward to hitting up the last installment that is around 180 pages.


By: Whitney G.
Published By: Whitney G.
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle purchase, 88 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

My cock has an appetite.

A huge and very particular appetite: Blonde, curvy, and preferably not a fucking liar... (Although, that's a story for another day.)

As a high profile lawyer, I don't have time to waste on relationships, so I fulfill my needs by anonymously chatting and sleeping with women I meet online.

My rules are simple: One dinner. One night. No repeats.

This is only casual sex. Nothing more. Nothing less.

At least it was , until "Alyssa"...

She was supposed to be a 27 year old lawyer, a book hoarder, and completely unattractive. She was supposed to be someone I shared law advice with late at night, someone I could trust with details of my weekly escapades.

But then she came into my firm for an interview—a college-intern interview, and everything fucking changed...


I’m gonna admit I bought Reasonable Doubt Volume One waaaaay back in April 2014!

*face plant*

Why did it take me so long to read this über short read? But daaaayum it is good.

I LOVE a quick read that packs a punch and this is so worth reading.

What is even better is you can read these 88 pages for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! (click on the FREEEEEEEEE)

Now if you are a bit of a prude in the filthy talk and sexy sex department, then this won’t be the book for you, but if you want to step outside your box and give it a whirl, you will probably find yourself squirming in your reading position and realize there is a great story to go with it.

I don’t care how squirm-worthy a story is, if that is all it brings to the table… then I am not that interested. It has to have a good story, great characters and the sexual content is really the icing—if I am reading this style of book.

This book reads like a full sized read. 

And then I checked my Kindle and guess what?

I bought Reasonable Doubt Volume 2 in May 2014 and I just read those 77 pages and I am getting an itchy twitchy finger for volume 3.

Fark, yeah! This was a great read. Writing a good story under 90 pages is not easy, in fact it is very hard to write a satisfying story that readers will gladly also pay more than 99c to read. Whitney G. nailed it.

There is a box set available too with the 3 volumes inside. 

A gazillion readers have already invested in this series and I am coming a little late to the game, but I know that there will still be a pile of you out there who haven't cracked onto it, too.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


By: Ella Grace aka Christy Reece
Published By: Headline
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 418 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

On a hot southern night, with a storm on the horizon, a family is shattered. Three beautiful daughters—Savannah, Samantha, and Sabrina Wilde—go on with their lives, each significantly changed, as they bear the memory of the murder-suicide that killed their parents. For years, they have stayed away from Midnight, Alabama. Until Midnight calls them home.

Savannah is the first one back, when a grueling case in Nashville leads the young prosecutor to seek shelter in the quiet of the once grand Wilde mansion. But when she finds letters casting doubt on her family’s dark, shameful past, she realizes that peace in Midnight is a shallow façade and sinister secrets lurk beneath the surface. Zach Tanner, once the town’s bad boy, is now the new police chief and still has a wild hold over her. Zach can feel it, too, but he hurt Savannah once. As teenagers, they broke every rule together. Now it’s his job to keep her safe, even though he isn’t sure who her enemies are—or which ones might be his own.


This first instalment in the series starts off referencing ten-year-old triplets, Savannah, Samantha and Sabrina Wilde and a horrible tragedy that befell them.

Fast forward eight years and we meet Savannah on her prom night—enter Zach Tanner.

Then we fast forward ten more years, equalling Savannah aged twenty-eight and Zach aged thirty.

The cover to this book made me think I was picking up a military type read. Possibly the title made me think this too, but I was wrong in my assumption. Sure the young Zach was bound for the military, but that is such a very small part of this book. Think underdog makes good and becomes the Chief of Police in the town of Midnight and picks up again with the love of his life, (he left behind) which he could so easily have sorted in the first place with verbal communication. But where is the angst in that? I was thinking it must be something extremely huge for Zach to have promised her what he did and then wasted ten years.

Somebody wants Savannah dead and Zach isn’t gonna let that happen and he’s also not going to waste anymore time.


All sisters have gone onto have careers in: law, law enforcement and private investigator. To this I wondered why the author used two of the sisters at such a late date… considering.

I enjoyed Savannah and Zach’s story, but I did feel the basis for Savannah coming back to the town of Midnight was great, but the rather rushed conclusion to the suspense that was woven throughout, was not great. The plot in this area felt a little deflated, for me personally.

I still really enjoyed this book and liked meeting Zach’s hot-security-company friends.

I will continue with this series. I like the sound of Sabrina’s character and would like to read her book.

I have to say as a side note: When triplets all have names like these three do, it can get hard on the reader separating them. Especially Savannah and Samantha. 

Oh look! I found this cover for Kindle and I feel it better represents this story. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


By: Janet Evanovich
Published By: Headline
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 306 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and no one knows this better than New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum.

Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds. No one is sure who the killer is, or why the victims have been offed, but what is clear is that Stephanie’s name is on the killer’s list. Short on time to find the murderer, Stephanie is also under pressure from family and friends to choose between her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Trenton cop Joe Morelli, and the bad boy in her life, security expert Ranger. Stephanie’s mom wants her to dump them both for a former high school football star who’s just returned to town. Stephanie’s sidekick, Lula, suggests a red-hot boudoir “bake-off.” And Joe’s old-world grandmother gives Stephanie “the eye,” which may mean that it’s time to get out of town.

With a cold-blooded killer after her, a handful of hot men, and a capture list that includes a dancing bear and a senior citizen vampire, Stephanie’s life looks like it’s about to go up in smoke.


I feel like saying, ‘Scooby and The Gang are back’, with this never aging series of mystery and shenanigans.

I started reviewing this series 26th November 2016, so I’ve averaged one book a month (sort of).

Very much a rinse and repeat series, but I can’t seem to stop reading it, even though yet again the villain—the murderer—was so plainly obvious and Steph couldn’t see what was in front of her nose.

I adore Lula and Steph, but I am almost craving more growth from them. They can be funny and silly, but let’s see some growth in their skills.

Surely by now they have learned the best technique to catch an FTA?

After this many books, it’s plain to see that Steph’s dad lives a very unhappy life. I would like to see the man get a night out with his wife… something! Poor mum irons when she is stressed, and that is a lot. Let’s see those two look happy to be married to each other.

I am soooooooooo #teamranger but even his dialogue and actions are starting to feel de ja vu. It’s a little flat and when Steph and Ranger do get it on… I’ve lost my ability to even care, I think, because I know nothing will come of it.

Somebody slap me in the face for saying that!

Joe… you poor, poor man. Janet, what are you doing to him? #unsureofhowifeelaboutacertainsomething

I really don’t know that many authors that can get away with no growth and constant recycling of story to no real resolution for this many books and more and sell so many freakin’ books. I do know there are another 6 books for me to read and there will be no resolution or growth and I can be okay with that... but I wish I had more.

It’s the weirdest thing. It’s like Bella, Joe’s grandmother has given me the stink-eye and addicted me to these books, even though you could skip every 6th one and read a quarter of them and be satisfied you haven’t missed anything in Joe-Steph-Ranger world.

I congratulate the author/publishers on convincing readers to stick with this series for so long… twenty years!!! That is freakin’ amazing, but is it time after #23 to close up shop, or shake the shit out of this series?

With so many books and authors flooding the market, it ain’t like it used to be pre 2010.

I am still addicted, but I think I get a little less enthusiastic with each rinse and repeat, because it feels like Janet is a little less enthusiastic. There are so many avenues to shake this series up and still keep her strict formula (if she must).

Dive deeper with emotions. Make it harder to guess the villain. Give the folks some joy in their lives. Have Grandma Mazur do something different. Lawd... everybody is parking up around her and she’s still forcing her way to the front of the viewing. Bob is still eating knickers—even large ones. Give Rex a girlfriend and a new soup can to sleep in. Teach Steph some self-defence skills.

A series of 6-10 books where the lead characters are doing the same things wrong or recycled, over and over is acceptable, but now I am starting to bang my head against the headboard when reading.


Still Addicted

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


****99c A LITTLE FAITH****
Kindle Unlimited-Free

A contemporary romance which will make you fall in love all over again with reading.

SNIPPET REVIEW FROM: One Click Addict Support Group

Be prepared. The moment you hit the end of this book, you'll want book two. Go ahead and buy the whole damn series. It's like a bag of chips. You sit down, and swear you're just going to eat a few. By the time you look up, the entire bag is gone. I swore I would just read a few chapters, then when I emerged, I had devoured the entire book! Don't mind the splurge though, at least this series won't make you gain weight like that salty snack, even if it is just as crave-able.



Tuesday, December 5, 2017


By: Janet Evanovich
Published By: Headline
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from OP shop, 309 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Trenton, New Jersey. Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has inherited a 'lucky' bottle from her Uncle Pip. Problem is, Uncle Pip didn't specify if the bottle brought good luck or bad luck...

Vinnie, of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, owes a gambling debt to mobster Bobby Sunflower. It's up to Stephanie, office manager Connie, and file clerk Lula to raise the money if they want to save their jobs. Saving the business means Stephanie can keep being a bounty hunter. In Trenton, this involves hunting down a man wanted for polygamy, a Turnpike toilet paper bandit, and a drug dealer with a pet alligator named Mr Jingles.

The job comes with perks in the guise of Trenton's hottest cop, Joe Morelli, and the dark and dangerous security expert, Ranger. With any luck at all, Uncle Pip's lucky bottle will have Stephanie getting lucky - the only question is...with whom?


Everything we’ve learned to expect from another Steph Plum installment happened within these pages.

Lula and her colorful tight clothing and eating habits.

Joe and his flirtation.

“They thought I was pretty?”

“Everyone thinks you’re pretty,” Morelli said.

“How about you?”

“Especially me,” he said.

Ranger and his flirtation, which got ohhh so close. #teamranger And the dealeo with car lending.

Ranger shut the Porsche down. “If you looked at me with half as much longing as you’re looking at that Mercedes, I’d take you upstairs and make you wish you never had to leave my bed.”

“Is the Mercedes for me?” I asked.


“And the bed… I’d have to leave eventually, wouldn’t I?”

“Yes,” Ranger said.

“Why do you give me cars?”

“It’s fun,” Ranger said. “And it keeps you safe. Do you want to know why keeping you safe is important to me?”

“You love me?”


A sigh inadvertently escaped. “We’re really screwed up aren’t we?”

“In a large way,” Ranger said.

Shenanigans with villains.

Shenanigans with inept bounty huntering.

What I got quite a giggle out of was Mooner and his Hobbits.

Bahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa…hahaha…aaahhhh…It really was funny.

However, the mental visual of Vinnie wearing Steph’s panties—was not. Ewwwww.

Another installment crushed, that's light on Ranger and Joe and heavy on silly shenanigans and a very OTT plot this time round.

More so than most times.

The last of my OP shop finds has now been devoured. Back to the library I go. #17 I have you in my sights…plus the library will be hollering it’s overdue shortly.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


By: J.D. Robb
Published By: Berkley Books
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 354 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

In a time when technology links the law and the lawless, predators and prey can be one and the same...

He is an expert with the latest technology ... a madman with the mind of a genius and the heart of a killer. He quietly stalks his prey. Then he haunts the police with cryptic riddles about the crimes he is about to commit--always solved moments too late to save his victims' lives.

Police lieutenant Eve Dallas found the first victim butchered in his own home. The second lost his life in a vacant luxury apartment. The two men had little in common. Both suffered unspeakable torture before their deaths. And both had ties to an ugly secret of ten years past--a secret shared by none other than Eve's new husband, Roarke.



Just putting it out there straight away.


I so loved him in this installment.

Eve! Apart from the frustration of watching her  go after the obviously wrong bad guy—like seriously wrong bad guy—she was brilliant in this installment. I know she has to work all angles and I know the author is bringing the angst and a level of tension and all that good stuff. I do get that... But I found myself rolling my eyes and wanting to get past the wild goose chase quickly, even though there is still benefit in it with the reactions from the other cast members.

We go back to Roarke’s roots in this story and I so loved the change of scenery and more background information on his past.

McNab is a fun new addition.

At the sharp rap on her doorjamb, she glanced up, frowned distractedly at the man grinning at her. Midtwenties, she judged, with a pretty-boy face and a love of fashion.

He barely topped five-eight even in the neon yellow air boots. He wore denim above them, pants that bagged and a jacket that showed frayed cuffs. His hair was a bright new minted gold that flowed into a waist-length ponytail. He had half a dozen small, glinting gold hoops in his left earlobe.

He’s a little cheeky, a little flirty with Peabody—not that she is having any of it.

Peabody dropped the plate in front of McNab. "Enjoy."

“I will. See you, She-Body.” He wiggled his eyebrows when she turned and glared at him. And let out a little sigh when she stalked out. “Sure is built,” he murmured, then pushed up his sleeves and got back to work.

VILLAIN…OMG!! FINALLY one I couldn’t work out in advance.


So good this book.

Roarke and Eve are bloody brilliant together in this book.

The emotion.

The sex.

The tense situations.

The connection.

He wondered if she knew how staggering she was, standing there amid the glitter in her scarred jacket and smeared denim, her short, untidy hair haloing a pale face, accenting dark, tired eyes, her long, rangy body held straight through what he knew was an act of sheer will.

This one scene… God Roarke! We saw so much in him from that one scene. I can’t spoil but I can give a little quote.

“Darling,” he said mildly, “you’re not looking your best.”

Summerset and Eve have their moments.

“Roarke residence,” Summerset said in smooth tones, then his face went stony. “Lieutenant.”

“Put him on,” she demanded.

“Roarke is engaged on another call at the moment.”

“Put him on, you skinny, frog-faced son of a bitch. Now.”

A thoroughly amazing installment that has me reaching for Holiday In Death…but I really need to read some other authors before I read more from this series. I shall have to force myself to stay away from this cast of characters until December…which is in two days.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


By: J.D. Robb
Published By: Piatkus
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 393 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Even in an age of cutting-edge technology, old beliefs die hard...

Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics before personal loyalties. But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warning personally. With her husband, Roarke, watching her every move, Eve is drawn into the most dangerous case of her career. Every step she takes makes her question her own beliefs of right and wrong - and brings her closer to a confrontation with humanity's most seductive form of evil...


Totally dug this installment.

Okay, so we have this lovable couple who grow more and more on me every book. I see why a man like Roarke made quick work of marrying Eve.

He's obviously bedded many a woman in the past as they do keep popping up. #Ifeelsorryforeveattheconstantreminder

Although the villain was easy to pick, there was a slight twist, which I enjoyed. There were pages spent trying to convince Eve to believe that it was another. They really were kind of  wasted pages because the reader can quite blatantly see the transparency there... but that is okay. What isn’t okay is a woman like Eve who is so thorough going down that track when we know it ain’t so. But these things happen in plot, but shouldn't in Eve's case as she is too intelligent to do that. She is too methodical with her process and always has Roarke's special devices to run her thoughts through. 

Roarke and Eve are just so delicious together, they truly are. He's just something special with her and their bedroom antics get a little saucier each book.

Peabody is a brilliant sidekick to Eve and I hope she continues to step into the limelight. Roarke was surprisingly surprised by her in this installment. #teampeabody

Mavis is adorable and quirky and in my head I can’t help hearing a young Melanie Griffith’s voice.

Enter Jamie, a new addition for me to enjoy. He outsmarts Roarke and that is intriguing. I hope he stays for a long time in this series. It will open up so much more storyline I think. 

The formula appears set in stone for this series…hopefully not for 46 books, but time will tell. I ain’t peeking. 

Another wonderful ride alongside Eve and Peabody, and of course Roarke. The man who is so super busy professionally—but always has time for his Eve and assisting in solving the case—while he takes on dominating the world with his business ventures and property purchases and also bedroom lurving.


I do really enjoy this series. I only have another 41 books to go. I need to step my game up because the math is showing many years to get to book 46 releasing in 2018, but more will still no doubt be releasing after it. One a month isn’t gonna cut it. I need to aim for two minimum.